We aim to reduce water usage while improving yields.

    Degraded soil affects nearly one third of the Earth's land area, impacted in part by poor management practices, population pressures on the land and use of expensive chemical fertilisers and labour-intensive organic nutrients. This results in enormous costs to the environment as well as to society's social and economic value.

    Our Initiatives Include

    • Using precision irrigation on our owned farms to reduce water use

    • Providing famers with better weather forecasting and actionable insights regarding water use 

    • Monitoring and reducing water use in processing

    We Scale Impact Through Sector Initiatives:

    More About Water Initiatives

    Water Security Through AtSource

    In Matas de Minas in Brazil, Olam has been working to improve sanitation and access to safe drinking water for coffee growing communities through improved facilities and education.

    No Tears for Onion Farmers

    I’ve been farming for 20 years in Egypt and working with Olam for the past two seasons. During this period, myself and my fellow farmers have been able to reduce water consumption.

    Irrigation Pilot Insight

    Vietnamese coffee farmers working with Olam have seen water consumption on their farms drop by 33% following the installation in 2016 of six pilot irrigation systems.

    Talk to Us About Sustainability

    We encourage conversation and aim to build connections with those that share our passion for sustainability.

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