Safe & Decent Work

    We provide and support safe workplaces that respect the rights of everyone.

    Many of our supply chains are in emerging markets across rural areas, and can involve intermediaries and other third-parties. This makes eradicating labour issues complicated, however we continue to monitor our supply chain activities and where necessary, take remediation action. 

    Measuring Progress

    Our activities are broad, from working with farmers, to driving in challenging environments, processing and packing in factories, managing inventories in warehouses, transporting goods, and working in offices. We commit to national laws and the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Global Compact’s guiding principles. Review our commitments and activities throughout 2021 in our latest annual report. 


    Partnering for Scale

    We continue to review our own operations and supply chain, to make positive changes. However, we cannot make the level of change required alone. We are active in a number of sector-wide initiatives and are collaborating with customers to help them mitigate their environmental impacts.

    Initiatives Supporting Safe and Decent Work


    Child Labour Monitoring

    Child labour monitoring and remediation is set to be rolled out across our operations in Cameroon, in the first programme of its kind by a cocoa company. 


    Providing Safe Spaces

    Going to school during the summer holidays wouldn’t be most children’s idea of fun, but for 13 year-old Nurcan Sekiz, it means a safe space to play and not work. 


    The Fight Against Child Labour

    Child labour in cocoa producing countries often stems from some really complex societal and economic challenges.

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