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    We harness both technology and science, as well as encourage new ways of thinking to address the many interconnected challenges described by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

    We need to understand the true sustainability impact of agricultural products. However, reliable and consistent data can be difficult to obtain because of the fragmentation in global agricultural supply chains, particularly in emerging markets. Crops often make their way from farmers in rural villages, change hands through many intermediaries, and are combined with other volumes before reaching a manufacturer such as a food company, all of which makes traceability difficult. Olam and our customers need a new set of tools to inform and plan social and environmental initiatives at the scale and urgency required to benefit farmers, rural communities and the planet.


    Olam Farmer Information System

    In 2014 we launched the Olam Farmer Information System (OFIS). Using GPS and detailed surveys, OFIS provides smallholder farmers with far greater data and information on their farms than ever before to help increase yields and quality. 


    In 2018 we launched AtSource – our revolutionary and award-winning sustainability insights platform for agricultural supply chains. AtSource provides customers with a single view across their supply chain sustainability parameters, as well as with insights into how to influence these elements for the better.

    Olam Direct

    Our global digital Olam team have developed many other essential applications, while also working in partnership with others. From giving cashew and coffee farmers direct access to markets via Olam Direct, to dendrometers pinpointing the exact water consumption required by our almond trees, technology is essential to sustainable supply chains.

    Olam Integrated Impact Statement

    We’re also looking to see how we can make better business decisions through greater insight into the long-term impact on social, environmental and human indicators, which is where our new financial tool the Olam Integrated Impact Statement comes into play.

    Olam Food Prize

    To re-imagine at scale we need to support the innovations of others. We do this through the Olam Food Prize for Innovation in Food Security. Find out about this year’s winner.

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    We encourage conversation and aim to build connections with those that share our passion for sustainability.

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