Nutrition & Health

    We aim to improve farmer and employee wellness and longevity.

    Poverty, lack of health infrastructure and access to clean water and sanitation contribute to lowered life expectancies in many of the countries which we rely on for core crops – and they also correlate with farm productivity. Those with specific health issues – whether suffering a disease or exposed to episodic risks, such as pregnant women – are particularly vulnerable.

    Our Initiatives Include

    • Ensuring our employees have access to sufficient and safe sources of food, water and sanitation during working hours

    • Running the Olam Healthy Living Campaign to reach communities with campaigns on health and nutrition

    • Promoting crop diversification to farmers to improve food and nutrition security

    • Mobile medical screenings in rural areas 

    • Manufacturing and retailing fortified foods for consumers in African markets

    • Supporting manufacturing customers globally to reduce salt, fat and sugar through ingredients solutions

    • Implementing a consumer marketing policy

    • Supporting research through the Olam Prize for Innovation Security. 

    More About Nutrition and Health


    Improving Livelihoods and Nutrition

    We set out to better understand the reasons behind high malnutrition rates in cashew households in Olam’s sourcing network.


    Building Resilience

    COVID-19 impacts on small-scale farmers underline the need for building resilience. 


    Protecting Against COVID-19

    Pastors in Papua New Guinea are on a mission to help keep coffee farmers and their communities shielded from the coronavirus.

    Talk to Us About Sustainability

    We encourage conversation and aim to build connections with those that share our passion for sustainability.

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