Remaining Olam Group

    The Remaining Businesses of Olam Group comprises Nupo Ventures, Mindsprint and Olam Global Holdco (OGH). Nupo Ventures incubates new platforms for growth (Engine 2 initiatives) while Mindsprint provides shared services to the operating groups. Olam Global Holdco holds the de-prioritised and gestating assets. It will responsibly divest these non-core assets and nurture and partially/fully monetise the gestating assets.

    Nurturing Gestating Businesses

    We nurture gestating businesses to help them reach their full potential. Currently these include Packaged Foods consumer business, ARISE Port and Logistics and Olam Palm Gabon.

    Incubating Engines for Growth

    As an entrepreneurial organisation, both colleagues and partners create initiatives which we develop into services and businesses for future growth, we are currently developing six.

    Responsible Divestment and Capital Redeployment

    Through our Strategic Plan, we identified businesses which no longer support our focus. We will responsibly divest these and redeploy our capital for further growth.



    Formerly known as Olam Technology and Business Services (OTBS), Mindsprint is a leading technology and business services firm that provides impact driven solutions to businesses.

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    Jiva - Transforming Farming Communities

    Jiva is a venture incubated by Olam with a clear mission to improve smallholder farming and the lives of farmers.

    It offers farmers free agronomic advice, credit for farm inputs, a platform to sell and deliver inputs, and guaranteed purchase of crops. The initiative is operational in Indonesia and India under the brands Jiva and AgriCentral, respectively. 

    Adva – Informing Choices

    We have identified an opportunity to leverage our foot printing knowledge to empower individuals to reduce their environmental impact by making informed choices.

    We pilot launched Adva, our consumer lifestyle app in Singapore in December 2020. We continue to improve the platform look to expand to the wider Singaporean public soon and are developing an equivalent for corporates called GreenPass. 


    Terrascope - Build a Pathway to Net Zero

    Terrascope is a climate-tech venture that empowers companies to accurately and efficiently manage and reduce their carbon emissions.

    Since the beginning of its commercial trials, emissions for companies from industry sectors with complex supply chains – Food and Beverage, Agriculture, Real Estate, and Consumer Goods – across 15 countries. 

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