We’ve built trusted relationships with our growing communities, ensuring both parties benefit.

    Through training programmes, we support farmers and cooperatives in developing their growing knowledge. We work with Municipalities in the north of Peru to deliver technical, logistics and funding assistance for over 600 organic farmers.

    Over and above agricultural, we focus on improving the health and nutrition of communities by delivering education programmes and providing non-agriculture inputs.

    Discover Our Product

    Peruvian Green Coffee

    Our group company ofi is the largest multi-national processor and exporter of Peruvian green coffee around the world. We partner with more than 3,500 farmers and cooperatives, and we’ve invested in two modern processing mills to maintain the quality expected by our customers.

    Sustainable Communities

    Our sustainability programmes positively impact our quinoa and chia farmers. We focus on optimising farm economics and creating a positive environmental and social impact in the communities and landscapes in some of the least developed areas of the country. 

    We collaborate with farmers to develop solutions, which improve yields, quality and market access, and provide training on forest preservation, reforestation and climate smart agri-practices. 

    Olam as an Employer

    Whether it’s a seasonal or a permanent position you’re interested in, we seek talented individuals to join our team and offer a range of opportunities to grow – no pun intended!

    Visit our careers section for more information on the types of roles and vacancies available.


    Beyond Agriculture

    We support communities through our health and nutrition programmes. In Peru we’ve undertaken a programme to educate over 1,100 children on the importance of dental health.

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    Whether you’re interested in speaking to our country management team, enquiring about one of our products or partnering with us, we want to hear from you.

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