SGX Filings

    Grant Of Options Pursuant To The Olam Employee Share Option Scheme

    SGX Filings

    Olam International Limited (“the Company”) wishes to announce the grant of options pursuant to the Olam Employee Share Option Scheme. The details of the grant of options are set out below:

    (a) Date of grant: 9 January 2008

    (b) Exercise price of options granted: S$2.89 per share

    The exercise price (subscription price) is equal to the average of the last dealt prices for the Company’s shares, as determined by reference to the daily official list or other publication published by the SGX-ST, for the 5 consecutive market days immediately preceding the date of grant, rounded up to the nearest whole cent.

    (c) Number of options granted: 2,250,000

    (d) Market price of securities on the date of grant: S$2.98

    (e) Number of options granted to directors and controlling shareholders (and their associates): Nil

    (f) Validity period of the options: 5 years from the date of grant

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