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2018 is a momentous year for Olam as we continue to deliver on our 2016-2018 Strategic Plan and create significant value for our stakeholders.

Importantly, this year marks the evolution of our business model to Olam 2.0. The initiatives we implemented over the past 28 years as part of Olam 1.0 have laid a strong foundation for “The Olam Way”, guiding how we lead, organise, compete, grow and succeed. Now is the time to ensure that we stay ahead.

Through Olam Insights, we want to bring to life how we will be applying and refining our business model Olam 2.0 across our diverse businesses and regions. You will read more about how our managers on the ground are focusing on long term growth drivers and developing future-proofed strategies for the Group, while putting sustainability at the heart of our business and instilling Olam’s values and purpose across the 72,000+ employees worldwide.

We hope you find this useful to give you a view on how we are “Re-imagining Global Agriculture and Growing Responsibly”.


A. Shekhar
Executive Director & Group Chief Operating Officer

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