SGX Filings

    Notice Of A Change In The Percentage Level Of A Substantial Shareholder’s Interest

    SGX Filings
    Part I
    1.Date of notice to issuer11/02/2009
    2.Name of Substantial ShareholderJPMorgan Chase & Co. and its affiliates
    3.Notice TypeNotice of a Change in the Percentage Level of a Substantial Shareholder’s Interest or Cessation of Interest.
    Part II – Not Required
    Part III
    1.Date of change of Interest09/02/2009
    2.The change in the percentage levelFrom 6.75 % To 5.91 %
    3.Circumstance(s) giving rise to the interest or change in interest# Others

    Purchase and sale of shares

    4.A statement of whether the change in the percentage level is the result of a transaction or a series of transactions:A series of transactions.
    Part IV
    1.Holdings of Substantial Shareholder, including direct and deemed interest :
    No. of shares held before the change0115,611,840
    As a percentage of issued share capital0 %6.75 %
    No. of shares held after the change0101,212,067
    As a percentage of issued share capital0 %5.91 %
    FootnotesThe percentage of issued share capital is calculated based on 1,713,310,324 shares in
    issue as at the date of this Notice.

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