SGX Filings

    Additional Information To The Notice Of A Substantial Shareholder’s Interests

    SGX Filings

    Olam International Limited (the “Company”) refers to the Notice of a Substantial Shareholder’s Interests in relation to the interests of Wellington Management Companny, LLP (“Wellington”) released via SGXNet on 21 October 2009, at 5.30 p.m., announcement numbered 00078 (the “Announcement”) whereby it was stated in the Announcement that information on the Registered Holder of Wellington’s interests will be announced separately.

    Further to the Announcement, the Company has been informed that the Registered Holders of Wellington’s interests are Barnaclewind & Co, Citibank Singapore, DBS Nominees Pte Ltd., DBS Nominees Pte Ltd, Northern Trust Global Services Limited, London, DBS Nominees Pte Ltd. – The Northern Trust Company AVFC, JPM London Discretionary CDP Lending Acct., Mellon Bank N.A. and Raffles Nominees Pte Ltd.

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