SGX Filings

    Notice Of A Substantial Shareholder’s Interest

    SGX Filings
    Part I
    1. Date of notice to issuer 12/10/2009
    2. Name of Substantial Shareholder WELLINGTON MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LLP
    3. Notice Type Notice of a New Substantial Shareholder’s interest.
    Part II
    1. Date of change of Interest 09/10/2009
    2. Name of Registered Holder see footnotes below
    3. Circumstance(s) giving rise to the interest or change in interest Open Market Purchase

    A series of transactions

    4. Information relating to shares held in the name of the Registered Holder
    No. of Shares held before the change 99,441,890
    As a percentage of issued share capital 4.99 %
    No. of Shares which are subject of this notice 2,067,000
    As a percentage of issued share capital 0.10 %
    Amount of consideration (excluding brokerage and stamp duties) per share paid or received 0
    No. of Shares held after the change 101,508,890
    As a percentage of issued share capital 5.09 %
    Part III – Not Required
    Part IV
    1. Holdings of Substantial Shareholder, including direct and deemed interest :
      Direct Deemed
    No. of shares held before the change 0 99,441,890
    As a percentage of issued share capital 0 % 4.99 %
    No. of shares held after the change 0 101,508,890
    As a percentage of issued share capital 0 % 5.09 %
    Footnotes Wellington Management Company, LLP (“Wellington Management”) is registered as an investment adviser with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and acts as a discretionary investment manager on behalf of various separate accounts (the “Accounts”) that hold shares of Olam International Limited (the “Company”). The Accounts do not act as a group nor do they act in concert with respect to the interest in shares. Wellington Management acquired the interests in shares for the Accounts in its capacity as discretionary investment manager to, and solely for the benefit of, the Accounts, and the interests were acquired solely for investment purposes. The shares are registered in the name of the Accounts or the Accounts’ custodians or nominees according to their respective holdings.

    Further information concerning the details of the Registered Holder will be furnished separately

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