SGX Filings

    Notice Of A Director’s (Including A Director Who Is A Substantial Shareholder) Interest And Change In Interest

    SGX Filings
    Part I
    1.Date of notice to issuer17/02/2010
    2.Name of DirectorMichael Lim Choo San
    3.Notice TypeNotice of a Director’s (including a director who is a substantial shareholder) Interest and Change in Interest.
    Part II
    1.Date of change of Interest17/02/2010
    2.Name of Registered HolderMichael Lim Choo San
    3.Circumstance(s) giving rise to the interest or change in interest# Others

    Subscription of Medium Term Notes (“Notes”)

    4.Information relating to shares held in the name of the Registered Holder
    No. of Shares held before the change0
    As a percentage of issued share capital0 %
    No. of Shares which are subject of this notice500,000
    As a percentage of issued share capital0.2 %
    Amount of consideration (excluding brokerage and stamp duties) per share paid or received250,000
    No. of Shares held after the change500,000
    As a percentage of issued share capital0.2 %
    Part III – Not Required
    Part IV
    1.Holdings of Director, including direct and deemed interest :
    No. of shares held before the change00
    As a percentage of issued share capital0 %0 %
    No. of shares held after the change500,0000
    As a percentage of issued share capital0.2 %0 %
    FootnotesThis notification concerns the subscription of Medium Term Notes (“Notes”). Where reference is made to shares, it shall refer to Notes issued under Series 48 of the S$800,000,000 Multicurrency Medium Term Note Programme established by the Company, comprising S$250,000,000 in principal amount of 4.07% notes due 2013.

    Where reference is made to the no. of shares, the number stated should be regarded as S$ currency.

    The percentage of issued share capital shown above is calculated based on the issue size of the Notes under Series 48.

    The Notes is issued in denominations of S$250,000 as such the consideration paid is S$250,000 at par.

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