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    NZS announces departure of their CEO

    SGX Filings

    NZ Farming Systems Uruguay today announced that Alastair de Raadt who took up a short term Chief Executive contract will be leaving at the completion of the contract on 31 January 2011.
    “Alastair stepped in at very short notice when PGG Wrightson still held a management contract and there was a takeover offer in process. His appointment could therefore only be short term, but we would have welcomed him staying” said Chairman John Parker.

    “Alastair has done a very good job on internalising management during the takeover from PGG Wrightson. He has ensured the systems and people are in place to manage adequately until a replacement can be appointed” added John Parker “and we wish him well in his new position”.

    For further information:
    John S Parker Tel: +64 27 442 1854

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