Enhancing Workforce Nutrition in Ghana


    As part of its efforts to improve workplace nutrition and promote healthy living among employees, Olam Agri Ghana is providing fortified rice to employees across all 6 locations during lunchtime.

    Enhancing Workforce Nutrition in Ghana

    This initiative is in line with Olam Agri’s goal to provide access to nutrition programmes for 100% of the workforce by 2030. This is accomplished through the Workforce Nutrition Program, designed to reduce malnutrition at the workplace while driving positive business values.

    Fortified rice provides the nutrients necessary to boost the health of employees while promoting healthy eating habits. The initiative is also intended to help improve productivity and boost employee morale.

    Olam Agri is well known as the first company to introduce fortified rice into the Ghanaian market under the brand name Royal Aroma Fortified. This conforms with the company's purpose to transform food, feed, and fibre to for a more sustainable future and by providing consumers with high-quality, healthy rice while assisting in the prevention of micronutrient deficiencies among Ghanaians.

    The Royal Aroma fortified rice is rich in vitamins, iron, zinc, and other significant minerals capable of improving the nutritional quality of foods while also providing health benefits for the public.

    In addition to providing a sufficient and hygienic source of food for employees, Olam Agri Ghana has also ensured that all business locations have access to a separate, clean, and hygienic canteen for all employees and organises periodic health checks and talks for employees in hopes of promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

    “Food fortification is one of the most proven and cost-effective ways of addressing malnutrition, including challenging micronutrient deficiencies. Good nutrition is not only important for our consumers, but also for our farmers and us as employees at Olam Agri. Many of us have nutrient deficiencies and may not even know that is why these are referred to as "hidden hunger." The addition of important vitamins and minerals into staple foods--like rice--is a great way to get more nutrients. Ensuring that all of us working at Olam Agri gets enough nutrients during the day can help keep everyone focused and healthy,” said  Malory Henry – Food Security and Nutrition Lead – CR&S.

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