How Olam enhances your Coffee experience through Internet of Things


    Ever wondered what goes into that perfect cup of coffee you enjoy so much?

    Well it is hand-picked coffee beans, with just the right proportion of water, milk, sugar and… IoT. Yes, IoT!

    Olam ensures quality consistency in its finished product using the Internet of Things and Big Data analytics. We are doing this in our Smart Factories where our analytics model recommends values to achieve optimal quality parameters for coffee.

    Our factories are equipped with Smart sensors to monitor performance of critical devices. Placed on industrial appliances, they relay data via Bluetooth to the gateway which then pushes it to the cloud. The results of predictive analytics performed on that data are received by users on a mobile app to allow take appropriate action. Meaning they are able to avoid unplanned shut-down events and thereby ensuring that you keep getting that perfect cup of coffee!

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