Q and A with Petrine Addae, INSEAD MBA Graduate and Olam Scholar


    • Can you tell me a bit about your background?
    I studied Economics and Psychology at the University of Ghana for my first degree and then did a Masters in Public Administration in International Development at the Harvard Kennedy School. In my professional life, I have worked with organisations like the Ministry of Finance in Ghana, the African Development Bank in Tanzania and the African Women Advocacy Project, an NGO, based in Ghana.

    • You are a Ghanaian, tell us about your life in Ghana?
    Ghana is a really peaceful place and the people are very friendly. Growing up, I spent most of my time with my family and helping out in my local community. After I graduated from university, I decided to use what I’d learned to help transform African lives for the better. I started working at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning before I left to start the Olam scholarship.

    • What encouraged you to apply for the scholarship?
    It has always been my goal to get an MBA from a renowned university like INSEAD. Unfortunately, things haven’t been easy for me financially. I was attracted to the Olam scholarship not only because it supported me to achieve my goal but also because it is aimed at promoting the development of Africa, which is something that motivates me. I’m passionate about becoming one of the future leaders of Africa, who will help catapult the continent to the next level of development.

    • How did you find the course?
    It was really useful and interesting. I enjoyed every moment of it, even though it’s been a steep learning curve. I’ve learned a lot more about the private sector and how to use business as a force for good. I hope I can combine this knowledge with my experience of the public sector to positively contribute to Africa’s development.

    • Where do you see yourself in the future?
    Ideally, I’d love to become part of an international developmental organisation which is focused on promoting the growth and prosperity of Africa.

    • You travel a lot. What do you get out of it?
    I love travelling and it’s my goal to visit all 7 continents – I’ve done 5 so far! I’ve had the chance to further explore the United States, France, Abu Dhabi and Singapore during my studies. I like travelling because I get to experience different cultures and people. It also helps me to expand my horizons and gives me more perspective on the world.




    Petrine Addae Petrine is a recipient of the Olam International Scholarship for Change Catalysts in African Markets.

    She graduated from INSEAD with an MBA in July 2017.

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