We’re not your average Tech team, in fact we’re so much more and there’s nothing average about any of us!


    So many organisations have teams of geeks hidden away programming in a dark office, creating processes and platforms… sure, we all have a bit of geek in us and we celebrate that (as well as our cultural, regional diversity and successes), our offices aren’t dark and dingy, they’re vibrant places full of energetic people who have lots of fun and great ideas.

    We are part of global teams from different business units, with varied roles and nationalities. We are exposed to a range of personalities, cultures and mindsets. Everyone’s opinion is valued, and you’ll hear lots of talking when we share concepts and build on them. We’re not just about ideas though, we have delivered some great solutions and work on the latest technology platforms.

    Our team develops solutions for our operations all over the world, for example we have an android app for farmers which has been rolled out in multiple countries, it enables them to improve their farm productivity. We also have a solution that helps our customers track their product footprint by measuring environmental and social metrics at each stage of its journey. We’re helping Olam to re-imagine global agriculture. Not only does it stretch our imagination, but it also serves a great purpose of supporting food security.

    We are interface designers, business analysts, project managers, programmers, DevOps experts, we are different, we are inspired, and we are fun! Meet some of our team over the coming weeks as they talk about what inspires them about working at Olam.

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