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    Olam’s Ranveer Chauhan and MD Ramesh have authored ‘Amazing Africa’ to celebrate their experiences of working and living on the continent


    Ranveer Chauhan, Managing Director & Global Head of Palm and Rubber, and MD Ramesh, Regional Head for South and East Africa, have co-written ‘Amazing Africa: A Corporate Journey’, a collection of short stories that captures the dynamism and sense of opportunity which the authors experienced first-hand through their time on the continent.

    Each chapter presents a distinct tale from the authors’ journeys across the continent, which unite to paint an evocative and honest picture of adventures and new discoveries both in and outside of work; Ranveer and Ramesh provide a fresh insight into doing business, socialising and travelling on the continent.

    The book is published by Marshall Cavendish Editions. It is available
    – hardcopy :
    – The book is now live internationally as an ebook. The IP address of the user will also determine which currency they are charged in.
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