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    Inaugural Barclays Africa Trade Index Report released highlighting Olam’s extensive operational experience across continent


    Barclays have released their maiden Africa Trade Index which aims to provide an informative guide to openness and business opportunity across the region.

    This new report compares and ranks the largest (in terms of GDP and population) 31 Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries based on their attractiveness for market opportunity, openness and Intra-African connectivity, illustrating how SSA has become far more open to international trade over the past decade. With 25 years on the continent and operations spanning farming, processing, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution, Olam was selected as the primary business case study.

    MD Ramesh, Regional Head for Southern and East Africa, highlights the new opportunities and challenges that companies faces across Africa. When discussing weak transport infrastructure as a major barrier to trade Ramesh said, “Wherever a farm is built, we are creating the roads and infrastructure around that by ourselves”. This effectively highlights how Olam is investing in our own supply chains to bolster trade and encourage growth, but he also highlights the need for greater involvement from national governments in order to match the vast potential of Africa.

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