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    Crossing oceans for child health by transcending personal boundaries


    In our latest Transcending Boundaries contribution, Elin Haf Davies discuss how building a sustainable future evokes different responses in everyone, depending on their frame of reference. For Elin, this has meant not only crossing several oceans, but also doing so for the funding of research in child health, particularly the role of food and good nutrition in developing economies.

    A few years ago Elin had a profound personal adventure which transcended her own boundaries when she rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in an unassisted two-woman boat for charity. That extraordinary experience, often terrifying, frequently exhausting and ultimately life changing, has encouraged her to go on setting new goals, conquering the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and recently a two-handed sail across the Atlantic Ocean again, all with less than five years of sailing experience.

    Each adventure has served as a charitable cause, particularly in finding a sustainable way of financing better nutrition for children. With a growing body of research that links child health and economic development, she highlights that a varied and nutritious diet holds the key to much bigger challenges than merely staving off hunger in the short term.

    Elin Haf Davies is an adventurer, child health advocate and author. She has rowed across both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and then sailed across the Pacific. She has cycled from London to Paris and has run several marathons. Formerly a children’s nurse she went on to complete a BSc, MSc and PhD, and now campaigns to develop medicines for ill children. To this end she uses her adventures as a platform to raise awareness about rare childhood disorders and the need to develop new drugs.

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