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    Financial sector as an enabler of change


    Olam’s Vice President for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Chris Brown, will contribute to the Natural Capital Coalition’s public consultation focusing on the finance sector.  Launched today, the consultation will support the financial community to have better understanding and awareness of how their activities impact and depend on the natural world. It forms part of the Natural Capital Coalition’s Natural Capital Protocol Framework which is a standardised framework to identify, measure and value the impacts and dependencies that different sectors have on our natural capital.

    The financial sector could act as a catalyst to drive real change. If more banks, insurance companies and asset managers understand the natural capital landscape, they could make better informed decisions and encourage others to do so too.

    Chris’s primary aim is to encourage Olam’s network of financial partners to incorporate environmental impacts and dependencies into their lending, investment and insurance practices. By feeding into the process, hopefully Olam can encourage more companies to put environmental sustainability at the heart of their operations.

    Read about Natural Capital’s Finance Sector consultation here.

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