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    Sunny Verghese shares his perspectives on securing Singapore’s Future


    As part of Singapore’s 50th celebrations, Sunny Verghese, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, has contributed to the Singapore Institute of International Affairs’ Future50 report launched on June 25th, 2015. 

    Future50 is an initiative of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA), and part of the nationwide SG50 celebrations. It was launched to examine the “The 50 Year Future for Singapore in Asia and the World”, exploring geopolitical, economic, social and environmental trends that could affect the nation.

    The Future50 report examines the outlook for Singapore at this historic juncture as it turns 50 years old, and is based on a series of discussions and public lectures held since 2013 along the theme of “The 50 Year Future for Singapore in Asia and the World.”  It combines original commentary with views raised by participants throughout the series, and is a contribution to the ongoing debate about the nation’s future.

    In this report, Sunny addresses developmental challenges that Singapore has been working hard to address since its founding. Food and water security are the two key challenges that Singapore has been facing. Headquartered in Singapore, Olam operates in 65 countries, and is an enabler in the global food supply framework. It therefore play an important role in food security, a challenge that has been proactively addressed by the nation.

    “We must all do our part. Businesses in particular must understand that generating profits by depleting natural capital from the world’s scarce environmental resources is not, in the long run, a sustainable proposition”, said Sunny.

    View the report here

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