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    Greg Estep discusses global spice trends on the BBC World Service’s The Food Chain


    Last weekend, Greg Estep, Managing Director & Global Head of Spices and Vegetable Ingredients, joined the BBC World Service’s The Food Chain to discuss the world of spice.

     The Food Chain is an audio series which looks at the economics, science and culture of what we eat. This ‘Spice and Status’ episode takes a deeper look at the global network of commerce that comes with the flavouring of food. From meeting the grower of the wold’s hottest chilli, ‘Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper’ to the chemistry of spice at Kew Botanical Gardens, UK, the programme explores the global spice trade, from medieval to modern times.

    As a market leader in spices and vegetable ingredients, Olam is well placed to examine not only global spice trends, but also share insight from our own operations across the world – from pepper in Vietnam and chillis in India, to the Innovation and Quality Centre in California, USA. In the interview, Greg explains the global spice supply chain and growing demands in both emerging markets and the West, to the infrastructure of trade and Olam’s diversified business model.

    “The farmer is doing a good job,” explains Greg, “Our goal is to connect growers directly to our manufacturing plants. Combined with investments in testing, equipment, technical assistance and training for farmers, this is helping ensure top quality spices for customers.”

    The programme ends with taking a look at one of the oldest recipe scrolls in modern English to show us how spices were used in the courts of kings. But despite the ancient beginnings of spice use, is it clear that spice is more popular than ever around the world.

    Listen to the full programme here.


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