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    Nancy K. Martin, founder and CEO of Fortify discusses transcending the boundaries of humanitarian aid in our latest Portfolio of Perspectives contribution


    Activating the power and reach of the market for a sustainable future

    To tackle the challenges surrounding food security, poverty and to ‘sustain’ half the world’s population (i.e. $2/day) humanitarian agencies must re-think aid as the current system is not sustainable, says Nancy Martin of Fortify.

    In order to transcend the boundaries of humanitarian aid, the development community needs to accept the limitations of traditional aid and use the power of the private sector by “guiding, rather than trying to lead market-based solutions”. Alongside this, Nancy Martin states that small social ventures could play an important role in creating new and innovative solutions to this global issue. Read more here.

    Nancy Martin is the founder of Fortify, a US based NGO. Fortify is helping Olam formulate its fortification strategy for tomato products in Africa to address significant micronutrient deficiencies such as Iron and vitamins. Olam is committed to meaningful and science based fortification that will improve lives of our African consumers.

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