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    Business Head of Spices, Krishanu Chakravarty, elected to World Spice Organization’s Executive Committee.


    Krishanu Chakravarty, Business Head of Spices, has been elected to the Executive Committee of the World Spice Organization (WSO) at their Annual General Meeting. Mr Chakravarty brings his extensive experience in the emerging markets of Sub Saharan Africa and India to the Committee where he will join other major industry players and share insights from Olam’s global spices business in order to make a positive impact on the future of the industry.

    The WSO is a nodal point for the global spice industry, committed to harmonising standards and promoting corporate social responsibility initiatives and sustainable business practices. The WSO seeks to achieve these aims by connecting with a diverse range of stakeholders from across the globe, including international bodies such as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the World Trade Organisation and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation. Through collaboration with extensive networks of farmers, scientists, processors, government, international trade bodies and other not-for-profit organisations, the WSO ensures the safe and sustainable production of spices and herbs.

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