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    Launching the Olam Healthy Living Campaign: Investing in the health of employees and communities


    The Olam Healthy Living Campaign has been created to deploy effective strategies across Africa to promote health among our businesses’ employees, farmers and community members. Leading up to the launch, Olam challenged its businesses across the continent to identify their biggest threats and opportunities so to receive match funding from Olam CR&S function to help roll out initiatives.

    Colleagues across eight countries submitted proposals outlining initiatives to drive education, availability and access to better nutrition and disease prevention. Thus far there have been nineteen successful initiatives across cotton, rice, palm oil, timber, cocoa, coffee and packaged foods businesses, which are expected to reach an estimated 250,000 people.

    The campaign will initially run from Dec 1st 2015 to November 30th 2016, and are aligned with our goal of meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of Zero Hunger (Goal 2) and Good Health and Wellbeing (Goal 3).

    Learn more about the campaign and the initiatives that are being rolled out, from Chris Brett, Vice-President, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, Olam.

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