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    Transcending boundaries: Lifting the game in sustainability reporting


    As the year draws to a close, Singapore Compact’s Christopher Ang takes stock of corporate sustainability and explores two issues which he says will have the greatest impact on businesses in the coming years: climate change and sustainability reporting. On climate change, he urges companies to work towards greater reduction of carbon emissions, more efficient use of resources, and waste management, and above all to continue seeking new opportunities as the world looks for ways to cope. Discussing sustainability reporting and communications, and recognising the increasing expectations of customers, consumers, investors and governments, Mr Ang advises businesses to adapt quickly to a world demanding total transparency if they are to maintain trust.

    To read what Christopher Ang has to say, click here.

    Mr Christopher Ang is the Executive Director of Singapore Compact for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the national society promoting a holistic approach to meaningful and sustainable benefits for businesses and stakeholders through CSR and sustainability. Mr Ang was Senior Deputy Director of the 3P Division at the National Environment Agency where he oversaw its strategic marketing and community outreach programmes. He has 24 years of experience in the private and public sectors, covering a wide range of areas including engagement, marketing and management. He has a First Class honours in Electronics Engineering from Loughborough University and an MBA in Marketing from Curtin University.


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