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    Nutrifoods Ghana Limited launches improved fortified Tasty Tom Tomato Mix


    Nutrifoods Ghana Limited, a joint venture between Olam and Sanyo Foods, has updated its popular Tasty Tom Tomato Mix to include an improved fortified vitamin recipe, intended to meet the nutritional needs of families in Ghana. The tomato mix is a staple ingredient for making traditional recipes such as Jollof rice, light soup and gravy.

    The Tasty Tom Enriched Tomato Mix is now fortified with extra fibre to improve digestion and Vitamin A, D, E and K which are essential for ensuring good eyesight, immunity, muscular growth and building strong bones in children and families all over Ghana. The natural redness, thickness and taste the Tasty Tom Tomato brand is known for has been maintained.

    Through extensive market research, it was discovered that over recent years a “hidden hunger” problem has been prevalent in Ghana, with digestion difficulties, malnutrition and Vitamin A deficiencies identified as key problems affecting women and young children. With the introduction of the vitamin-enriched Tasty Tom Mix, which is now available throughout Ghana, it is hoped that it will contribute to eliminating the issue.

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