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    Olam Agri Introduces Workplace Lactation Pods for Working Mothers to mark International Women's Day



    Olam Agri, a global agribusiness company, has marked International Women’s Day with the installation of new lactation pods across its business locations in Ghana. This initiative forms part of the company’s workforce nutrition goal to ensure that by 2030, all its employees have access to nutrition programmes.


    The initiative, in collaboration with the company’s women’s network GROW (Globally Reaching Olam Women), is introducing self-contained units to provide clean, comfortable, and private milieus to help working mothers express and safely keep breastmilk for their babies while at work. The first phase of the initiative was unveiled at the company’s grains factory in Kpone on March 8, 2022, during GROW’s annual conference for female employees within the organisation.

    Members of GROW describe the launch of the lactation pods as proof that the company recognises the importance of providing a safe and comfortable space for nursing mothers to express breast milk for their babies.

    "Supporting new mothers in the workplace is an important step towards creating a supportive work environment. Providing lactation pods can make it easier and more comfortable for working mothers to continue expressing breast milk while at work, which can have considerable benefits for both the mother and her baby. We believe that by providing the necessary tools and support, employees will be able to thrive at work," said Stephen Takyi Adeakye, the head of HR for Olam Agri in Ghana


    Women's Day Celebration

    In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023, the team in Ghana organised an interactive health forum in which medical experts and professionals engaged working mothers on the importance of good nutrition for babies. This was followed by an inspiring fireside chat with popular broadcast journalist, Portia Gabor, on her personal experience of achieving a work-life balance as a young mother while pursuing a successful career.

    The lactation pod is among several initiatives implemented by Olam Agri in Ghana to support female employees. These initiatives include the extension of the maternal policy to 4 months for female employees, the launch of the "Sparkle your Career Confidence" initiative to inspire young female employees to aspire to great heights within the organisation, as well as special mentorship programs for female employees, and a comprehensive wellness program that includes the provision of free PAP tests for women to help in the fight against cervical cancer.

    GROW is a voluntary association of female employees whose core mission is to increase female involvement and promote inclusiveness within the organisation. Since its establishment in 2018, the group has been instrumental in increasing female engagement through various developmental initiatives aimed at promoting an all-inclusive working environment for all employees.

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