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    Olam launches partner zone on the Guardian’s Sustainable Business hub


    Olam have partnered with the Guardian’s Sustainable Business Hub, inviting readers to go behind the scenes of Olam’s operations, to understand the complexities of the supply chain and learn more about the global and local sustainability challenges we are tackling throughout the business.

    The first of four content pieces provided by Olam, Around the world in 8 commodities, includes photographs from Olam’s supply chains across the globe, uncovering the origins of everyday items, including products from black pepper in Vietnam to chillies in India.

    The second piece, 10 good reasons to savour the flavour of cashew, follows the journey of the cashew from the tree to the consumer. Discover how hard it is to protect a whole kernel from breakages, how we can use cashews’ waste products, and their ability to inspire entrepreneurs.

    The Guardian Sustainable Business is a global platform for corporate leaders, like Olam, who are at the cutting-edge of positive commercial change. It provides news, expert opinion and analysis on the social and environmental impacts of business. Olam’s partner zone will be releasing more content over the next four weeks, which will delve further into the complexities, beauty, challenges and interconnectedness of the global food system.

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