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    Martin Noponen of Rainforest Alliance discusses how we can minimise climate change risks in the cocoa supply chain


    Climate change poses a multitude of risks to business. As a result, businesses are increasingly building a climate change agenda into their own risk management strategies. But how can companies which source cocoa and other commodities from thousands of smallholder farmers ensure that the climate change risks to its complex supply chains are minimised?

    In our newest contribution, Martin Noponen discusses Olam’s partnership with Rainforest Alliance as an example of how companies can begin by taking a landscape approach. With significant expertise in climate change adaptation, sustainable cocoa production and Climate Smart Agriculture, the model seeks to create sustainable landscapes by focusing on value chains, and harnessing the transformative power of markets.

    Martin Noponen is a senior manager in the climate programme at the Rainforest Alliance and leads Rainforest Alliance’s development of climate-smart and adaptation initiatives, providing direct technical support and coordination on climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies and activities that help farmers and communities enhance their resilience. He has extensive experience in designing, managing and evaluating community based forest carbon projects for the benefit of climate change adaptation and mitigation, conservation and livelihood provision.

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