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    Ranveer Chauhan, Olam’s MD & Global Head of Palm and Rubber is speaking at the 6th Palm Oil Asia Summit in Jakarta


    Director and Global Head of Palm and Rubber will be speaking at the 6th Palm Oil Asia Summit, on the 14th August at 08.35 local time. Mr Chauhan will provide an update on Olam’s Oil Palm and Natural Rubber plantations in Gabon and share lessons learnt from the ongoing public-private partnership with the Republic of Gabon. Mr Chauhan will draw on Olam’s experiences of engaging with stakeholders and how the company is committing to international best practice principles.

    Taking place in Jakarta on the 13th and 14th August, the summit will bring together experts from numerous areas of the industry; plantation managers, researchers, sustainability directors, consultants and policy makers among others will gather to discuss vital questions and share their experiences of issues such as sustainability standards, agricultural best practice and policy changes.

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