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    Sunny Verghese talks to Neil Hume, Commodities Editor, Financial Times


    After his closing keynote addressing the Financial Times Commodities Global Summit last week, Sunny Verghese, Olam’s Co-Founder, Group Managing Director and CEO, spoke on camera to Financial Times’ Commodities Editor, Neil Hume.

    In the video interview Sunny reflects on his experiences with Olam since its birth, 25 years ago, and explains what differentiates Olam from its peers. Examining the forces and challenges faced by global agribusinesses today, Sunny repeated his sentiment from his keynote on carbon pricing – stressing that a carbon tax is the only way that reductions will be made. He argued “if something is free, we’ll use it injudiciously”, but if there is a fair price for carbon that is measured with a price per unit, then it follows that businesses would make a concerted effort to reduce the intensity of their carbon footprint.

    He also argued that the most pressing issue in the industry, encompassing everything from carbon to climate change, was “the whole area of sustainability”. Sunny added that sustainability for Olam is also about “adequacy of food in terms of nutritional value” and finding solutions to malnutrition. He finished by saying that transparency in the industry is vital, and said being transparent is “always the right thing to do – to all of your stakeholders”.

    Click here to watch the full video.

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