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    Transcending boundaries: “If you want to make money be a farmer, not a financier!”


    In the latest blog in our Transcending Boundaries series, Jim Rogers, makes the case for the huge potential of agriculture in the long term – both for a lucrative career and high return on investments.

    Despite the lag in agricultural commodity prices in the past 30 years, Jim reasons that there is immense opportunity in the sector. Indeed, he argues that the relatively low prices of past decades will eventually be turned around with increased demand, but that this will need to be backed up by proactive measures taken by the public and private sector.

    He concludes, “It always takes a while for people not only to see the opportunity but to make a move, so we have some years to go before people see the light and choose farming over finance…And if you are 19 years old and you like the outdoors, get ahead of the curve and become a farmer.  You will be the one driving the Lamborghini one day.”

    Read the full blog here and browse the full Portfolio of Perspectives from other experts and leaders.

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