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    World Food Day 2015 – how do we break the hunger cycle?


    This 16th October, World Food Day is examining not just hunger, but the conditions that cause it. Policies, programmes and interventions for social protection (the theme of 2015’s World Food Day) are often the preserve of local and national governments, international bodies and NGOs. But when it comes to discussions about improving rural livelihoods, it is vital to take into account the role of businesses like ours, who work closely with vast networks of farming communities on a daily basis in all corners of the world.

    Chris Brett, Olam’s Global Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, turned to colleagues in Laos, Indonesia and Tanzania for their views on breaking the hunger cycle and lifting rural communities out of poverty. Karsten Ziebell, Jeremy Dufour and Moray McLeish agreed that the answer lies in lifting livelihoods and resilience through connectivity, crop diversification and collaboration.

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