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    Olam reports on sustainability progress with launch of 2015 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report and Olam Livelihood Charter results

    Press release

    Launched today, the latest CR&S report from global agri-business Olam International, sheds light on the progress and challenges of meeting the Company’s goals in seven material areas: Livelihoods, Food Security, Food Safety, Labour, Land, Water and Climate Change.

    Published alongside are the 2015 results of the Olam Livelihood Charter (OLC), a flagship programme undertaken to support smallholder communities across the globe, which embraces 344,466 farmers in 17 emerging markets growing 10 different crops.nSince its launch five years ago, the report shows how the OLC is having a demonstrable impact on improving farmer livelihoods.

    “Customers, investors and farming communities all stand to benefit from initiatives that secure the future of our supply chains. This ranges from helping farmers to improve yields, mitigating against climate change impacts, and ensuring discerning use of natural resources,” explains Chris Brett, Olam’s Global Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. “We still have many challenges to overcome but our teams across the world are showing how sustainable practices can unlock value for all parties.”

    Globally, key highlights include:

    • US$36 million invested in sustainable supply chain initiatives
    • 215 community initiatives supporting productivity, education, health and infrastructure
    • 50 global partnerships
    • Launch of the Olam Healthy Living Campaign to reach over 270,000 people in Africa
    • Achieved 2020 GHG intensity targets for plantations/farms, and Tier 1 processing

    Olam Livelihood Charter – 5th anniversary

    • 23% of all smallholder tonnage for 2015, supplied to Olam, was under the OLC
    • US$177.17 million in short, medium and long-term finance to support smallholders
    • 254,146 smallholders trained in Good Agricultural Practices
    • 1,816 model farms, demo plots and farmer field schools to reinforce training application
    • 120,000 farmers trained in sustainable water management

    Read the ‘deep-dive’ web-based CR&S Report here.

    Read the CR&S Report’s Executive Summary here.

    Read the full OLC results here.


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      Olam launches 2015 CRS Report and Olam Livelihood Charter Results

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