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    Olam International to debut at Food Ingredients Europe

    Press release
    • Sourcing the cocoa beans for 1 in 8 chocolate bars
    • Processing enough peanuts for 8 million peanut butter sandwiches annually
    • Topping 2 billion burgers with dehydrated onions every year

    Global ingredients supplier and processor Olam International Limited (“Olam”) is pleased to announce that three of its business units, Cocoa, Spices & Vegetable Ingredients (SVI), and Edible Nuts will be exhibiting together for the first time at this year’s Food Ingredients Europe (FIE), enabling food manufacturers to gain a broader overview of Olam’s wide-ranging portfolio whilst receiving specialist advice on key product areas.

    Olam’s Head of Industrial Cocoa and Cocoa Ingredients, Alain Fredericq, comments: “Olam’s global ability to source sustainably, coupled with our expertise in processing and product development, benefits customers across our ingredients portfolio, from cocoa to cashew to garlic. Whether it is guaranteeing traceability or creating new tastes to stay ahead of the curve, our aim at FIE is to show how Olam can positively impact our customers’ brands, products and bottom line.”

    Sourcing from over one million cocoa farmers from Indonesia to Ghana, Olam Cocoa will demonstrate how only the best beans go into its portfolio of Macao high quality cocoa powders, which are available in a range of customised, high specification natural and alkalised powders. By implementing smallholder training, financing and social investment programmes through the Olam Livelihood Charter, Olam not only ensures verified sustainable sourcing, but also consistency in bean volume and quality.

    As a leading global provider of dehydrated onion, garlic, capsicums and pepper, Olam SVI will showcase the supply chain control that extends from sourcing high quality ingredients direct from growers, to the creation of value-added formulations that lock in peak colour, taste, texture and performance. Various powders and granulations, including onion, garlic and spices, will be on stand, demonstrating Olam SVI’s advanced clean processing, innovation and blending capabilities. Information on origin and pricing will also be available.

    For customers seeking to capitalise on the health benefits of nuts or simply seeking texture and flavour, Olam Edible Nuts, which has a presence in 80% of producing countries, will sample:

    • Almonds from Northern and Southern hemisphere drip-irrigated orchards which guarantee year round supply;
    • Cashews from thriving communities, created by linking smallholders to local processing units. Olam’s pasteurisation and sterilisation capabilities in India and Vietnam will also be underlined as will the team’s application and development insights that create value-added cashew ingredient solutions to meet new market segments;
    • Natural and semi-finished hazelnut kernel products, manufactured in accordance with customer specifications at Olam’s state-of-the-art ingredients factory in Giresun, Turkey. Strong relationships with farmers, intermediary traders and crackers in the growing areas along the Turkish Black Sea ensure consistency of supply;
    • Peanuts from all major producing origins as well as ingredients such as dry roasted peanuts, peanut paste and granulated peanuts.

    All Olam ingredients are produced to the highest food safety and sustainability standards.

    Fi Europe 2013 is the world’s leading gathering of ingredient suppliers, distributors and buyers for the food and beverage industry. See more at:


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    About Olam Spices & Vegetable Ingredients

    Headquartered in Fresno California, sourcing from 12 origins and selling into more than 70 countries, Olam Spices & Vegetable Ingredients (Olam SVI) is a leading global supplier of garlic, onions, capsicums, tomatoes, spices and specialty vegetables. The Company has mastered the full supply chain from source to market, growing and sourcing the finest raw materials in vegetable and spice ingredients, with operations in the U.S., China, Egypt, India, Peru and Vietnam. Olam SVI leads the industry in sustainable operations, processing technologies and farming practices.

    About Olam Cocoa

    Olam Cocoa proudly sources one eighth of all cocoa used in chocolate and cocoa drinks worldwide.
    Combining its unique and unparalleled strengths at origin with market presence through manufacturing bases in Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire (from January 2014), the United Kingdom and Spain as well as research, information, analysis and futures market expertise. Over a number of years Olam Cocoa has clearly demonstrated its supply chain capabilities to offer traceability, transparency and trust for our customers while sourcing cocoa produce from a wide number of origins.

    About Olam Edible Nuts

    Olam Edible Nuts is a leading global supplier of nuts and nut ingredients, sourcing and processing in all the major origins and distributing to our customers worldwide. The business unit purchases, processes and sells cashews, peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts. Olam’s strong presence in origins across the globe enables us to offer reliable, year-round supplies at competitive prices.

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