Olam to speed innovation to address global food security

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Olam to speed innovation to address global food security

Press release 30th Jun, 2020


Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security recognises and supports transformational research in global agriculture

Olam International, in partnership with Agropolis Fondation, is on the hunt for ground-breaking scientific research that can deliver transformational impacts within global agriculture and win a USD$75,000 grant to support development and implementation.

Unlike other research awards, the Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security requires clear evidence of potential short-term impact on food availability, affordability, adequacy, and accessibility. The fourth edition of the biennial Prize follows the recent warning from the UN World Food Programme that the COVID-19 pandemic will double the number of people suffering acute hunger by the end of 2020i, bringing food security firmly into the world’s spotlight.

About Olam International Limited
About Agropolis Fondation

Agropolis Fondation is a foundation for scientific cooperation which aims to promote and support high-level research and higher education (training-through-research) as well as to broaden international research partnerships in agricultural sciences and sustainable development research. 

The scientific work supported by the Foundation covers all aspects of the plant - from its genes to its environments to its final uses - and concerns temperate, Mediterranean and tropical climates. In the past 10 years the foundation has granted €40 million to scientific projects on cultivated plant diversity, biology and breeding, crop protection, sustainable agriculture and food systems, agro-ecological transition, adaptation to climate change, food processing and quality, socio-economics and public policies.


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