Diversity and Inclusion

Globally Reaching Olam Women (GROW)

GROW is Olam's first employee resource group established in 2013. It is led by women but open to all genders. Our goal is to increase women leaders at Olam by driving a globally inclusive work environment. 

Initially formed in the U.S. by Olam Spices employees, GROW has expanded to five global chapters including Côte d’Ivoire, Uganda, Gabon, Brazil and Tanzania. 

The pathway to achieving global diversity and inclusivity in the workplace rests on three strategic programs:


Mentoring can play a key role in career development when two people share experiences and expertise to help with personal and professional growth. GROW’s mentoring program matches Mentors with Mentees and guides them through a mutually beneficial program that exposes them to new perspectives and career advancing skills.

Development Pods

The GROW curriculum focusses on skills that improve employees’ chances for career development. Development Pods offer instruction in communication, finance, and career path management. Classes led by an instructor are in a small group format that fosters open communication, intimate discussion, relationship building and increased engagement.


GROW’s new recognition program, Growing Leaders, focuses on its members and how they have progressed as a leader within Olam. We want to showcase their many talents, let you get to know them, and include important recognition from their peers and manager.

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