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    Olam on diversifying Africa’s industrialisation


    “There are so many low-hanging fruits that if harvested, can significantly improve economic and social development”, Olam’s CEO of Africa and Middle East Venkataramani Srivathsan explained to Business Council for Africa in an interview on the role of industrialisation in Africa.

    Mr Srivathsan highlighted the positive impact of industrialisation on the continent’s economic development in driving job creation and self-sufficiency and the importance of looking beyond just machinery when seeking opportunities for industrialisation in all sectors. He also shared his advice for those looking to invest in African industry, which pointed to the need for long-term commitment and having “boots on the ground”, rather than managing from afar, in order to build a successful and enduring business.

    The interview took place ahead of The Annual Debate 2018 to be held on 24th April in London, where Mr Srivathsan will be speaking on the panel, Driving Africa’s Industrialisation: Now or Never.

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