Olam Farmer Information System
  • Collect targeted, farmgate level data through a flexible, comprehensive survey tool that allows users to develop personalised questionnaires and collection schedules.
  • Record GPS data points directly on the ground for farms and social infrastructure.
  • Upload farmer training data including modules, attendance, and results. Data captured can also include photos and GPS/time stamps.
  • Manage all “first mile” transactions including crop purchases, input distribution and financing.
  • Data is uploaded into Olam’s cloud server through a multi-language, Android OS application.

  • Utilise graphing tools to display information in chart and table formats.
  • Compare multiple datasets in user friendly, easy to view, side-by-side visuals.
  • Create GPS maps of farms and social infrastructure, including distances to and from key points of interest.
  • View individual farmer profiles including training and transaction history.
  • Generate risk ‘hotspots’ to create action plans.
  • Visualise key data through personalised dashboards and tables.
  • Keep track of field training implementation versus any predetermined training targets.
  • Manage survey campaigns by understanding real time progress.
  • Agri-input distribution programmes can be managed through real-time transaction records and statement screen functionality.
  • Communicate directly with field staff through app notifications and delivery/completion reports.
  • SMS functionality allows users to directly contact farmers with information such pricing, weather, agri-tips and safety guidance.
  • OFIS has a full Internal Management System capability allowing farmer groups and cooperatives to manage their organisations.
  • Buying agents can also use OFIS to manage their businesses by keeping track of stock, finances and counterparties.
  • End-to-end traceability can be managed through OFIS’ unique bag bar-coding system.
  • Digital payments can be made directly to farmers giving them the opportunity to access a range of financial services for the first time.
  • The Farm Development Plan module, uses data uploaded from farm surveys and transaction records, and provides personalised, long-term plans for each farm.
  • The module seeks to maximise farm productivity by making key recommendations on fertiliser usage, farm rehabilitation, and Good Agricultural Practice support.
  • The recommended interventions are costed for each farmer, giving them the opportunity to review, and if necessary revise the feasibility of the plan.
  • Plan progress can be tracked over time allowing field staff to measure impact and improve support where required.
  • OFIS provides the potential for reduced certification costs, improved bankability and enhanced services for farmers.
  • For the first time, sustainability programme partners and customers can access their supplier base from their office. Linking farmers to end users provides an unparalleled understanding of how raw ingredients are produced from both a product traceability perspective and from a human angle.
  • The system directly helps farmers to take a long-term, investment-based approach to their farm management, on a previously impossible scale.
  • It also improves visibility, enabling end users to maximise and more accurately target resources and to understand how those resources have delivered farm-level impact.
Andrew Brooks, Head of Cocoa Sustainability talking about Olam Farmer Information System, Olam.

“OFIS is game-changing for 3 main reasons: the ability to embrace more farmers in the financial system; the level of transparency in the supply chain that we can offer customers into their sustainability programmes and, finally, the impact that OFIS can have on Olam’s own sustainability initiatives. We can now harness the power of the data we collect in an entirely new way. Before, we could see crop yields were changing but we didn’t know exactly why. OFIS helps us to understand the big picture. 

In the cocoa supply chain specifically, data insights from OFIS support the achievement of our sustainability ambition, Cocoa Compass, and allow us to measure and report progress to our customers via AtSource, Olam’s digital sustainability platform. For example, social data collected on OFIS means we can more quickly identify children at risk of child labour and take action immediately.”

Andrew Brooks
Head of Cocoa Sustainability

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