Sustainability Governance

Openness, integrity and accountability

These principles, along with our drive for a consistently strong financial performance, determine how we run the company.

Our governance teams are responsible for implementing our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR&S) Strategy, and we set out our principles in our Code of Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct.

We have two tiers of governance. The CR&S Executive Committee oversees our progress against these standards. The Board CR&S Committee monitors the Executive Committee.

If any employee discovers any unethical practice, the Code of Conduct explains that they must report it and without fear of resprisals.

The CR&S Executive Committee is chaired by Gerard Manley, who has over 30 years’ experience in the cocoa industry. The activities of the CR&S Committee and the Function itself are managed by Dr Christopher Stewart, Global Head of CR&S. 

Both Gerard Manley and Christopher Stewart report directly to the CR&S Board Committee. 

  • Olam CR&S Report 2014 Download [4.6MB, PDF]
  • Olam CR&S Report 2014 FR Download [3.4MB, PDF]
  • Olam CR&S Report 2013 Download [8.4MB, PDF]
  • Olam CR&S Report 2013 FR Download [7MB, PDF]
  • Olam CR&S Report 2012 Download [6.9MB, PDF]
  • Olam CR&S Report 2012 FR Download [6.2MB, PDF]

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