Stakeholder Engagement

    We continue to engage with stakeholders and to participate in multi-stakeholder forums to support progress towards sustainable palm oil supply chains, and to protect forests and areas of high conservation value.

    Below are recent reports and responses to stakeholders. Follow the links to read more information or contact 

    The Forests Dialogue

    In October 2017, we joined 60 participants from 15 countries as part of The Forests Dialogue – a Yale-based programme promoting multi-stakeholder discussions on forest issues – to understand deforestation-free supply chains can be applied in a west and central African context, particularly in highly forested countries seeking to alleviate deep poverty through development. The group visited our palm plantation in Gabon, as well as ecological cultural conservation areas, villages surrounding our development and the GRAINE programme.

    World Rainforest Movement


    Conserving Gabon’s Cultural Heritage

    A treasure trove of 14th century artefacts was discovered deep within a conservation area of Olam’s palm plantation in Gabon.

    Protecting Gabon's Biodiversity

    Managing palm plantations in a biodiversity rich country like Gabon requires extensive efforts to support and safeguard the country’s natural heritage. 

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