Packaged Foods


We have leading brands across markets in Biscuits. 

Perk Biscuits, launched in December 2014,  has become a household name in Ghana. Known for its international-look packaging, richness of real milk, unique biscuit design and great taste, Perk biscuits is positioned as a ‘mood uplifter’ bringing cheer to millions of Ghanians.  The cookies are available in milk and choco milk varieties.

King Cracker Biscuits, launched in 2013, is positioned as the ‘work-snack partner’ for Ghanians. It helps Ghanians have a snack while working to 'keep them going’. It is available as regular, onion parsley and sugar-free variants.



Tomato mix is central to the diet of most households in West Africa. It is used in the preparation of jollof rice, stews, soups and much more.

We launched our tomato mix, Tasty Tom, in Nigeria and Ghana in 2008 and have become the second largest branded tomato mix player in West Africa. We are the market leaders in Ghana and a strong second in Nigeria.

Our tomato mix is known by West African consumers for its required key attributes of colour and thickness.

Drinking Yoghurt

FreshYo Drinking Yoghurt was launched in 2013 and within a very short span, garnered a strong position in the children's segment and also became the pioneer in the on-the-go segment. 

FreshYo drinking yoghurt is known for its great taste, thickness, premium and unique consumer-friendly packaging. It is positioned as a nutritious drink to energise people on-the-go.

FreshYo has two flavours. Plain Sweet and Strawberry. It also has 3 pack sizes catering to different segments. Family pack (750ml bottle), on-the-go pack (400ml bottle) and the kid's pack (115ml Tetrapak). The kid's pack comes with a straw which makes it hygienic and convenient to drink. The on-the-go pack and family pack come in easy to hold, convenient to refrigerate bottles.


We dominate the lollipop segment in Nigeria with OK Pop, our flagship brand. We were the first to introduce a double lollipop in the market. 

We have candy offerings in the milk, mint and flavoured segments as well.


Cherie Noodles was launched in October 2008. It is available in 3 flavours: Spicy Chicken, Chicken Pepper Soup and Egglicious - the first noodles in Nigeria with real egg! These are available in 70g, 100g and 120g pack sizes. We also have a value-for-money offering called Cherie Supa Chicken. Cherie Noodles is specially developed to suit the taste palate of Nigerians. 

Recently, we extended our culinary brand, Tasty Tom into noodles with the launch of Tasty Tom Tomato Chicken Noodles in two variants – dry style and soup style.

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